Mexina Daniel

Impact: All throughout our worldwide community we have countless individuals who stay involved on a regular basis. However, barely anyone can say they are as consistently active as Mexina Daniel. Mexina comes to us through Singo Africa, one of our outstanding Partners from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Working as the lead software director, Mexina has been constantly participating in our mailing lists, wiki, and issue trackers. She is extremely thorough in all of her work and is driven to see the success of the Initiative. Mexina and the team at Singo Africa are pushing the Mifos influence forward in Tanzania and across Eastern Africa.

Mexina is currently working as the lead software developer at Singo Africa, which is a business technology and consulting company, and a Mifos Partner. She gathered experience working with open source technology during a previous internship and put those skills to work with Mifos. Currently, her focus is in incorporating specific features of her home country, Tanzania, to Apache Fineract and the Mifos X platform.

Mexina is well known around the Mifos community for reporting and fixing bugs, as well as requesting new features including specifications for Fixed Asset Management. She is a strong believer in open source solutions as they “combine vision, desire and knowledge of different people with different problem solving spirit to provide something which is best to the end user”.

Be proud of the change you are making to other people’s life especially the unbanked and underbanked people mostly in Africa, South America and East Asia.

I believe with my contributions that improves the functionality of the system, they will give the banking opportunity to the poor and help them to live the life they want.

  • Reported 30 bugs, 26 regarding the community-app and 4 regarding the platform
  • Requested 8 improvements, 7 are to the community-app and 1 is to the platform
  • Fixed 10 bugs which are already merged and 2 are waiting to be reviewed
  • Participated in the preparation of requirement specifications for Fixed Asset Management feature and shared it to the community

“To help people is my call and I feel so good when I see my contribution like ideas, skills and knowledge become sweet fruits to the community.”