Achieving our vision of reaching the 2 billion unbanked cannot be done alone. To expand our platform and extend it to remote areas where it’s needed the most, we must harness the power of community.

User Community

Each customer of the Mifos X platform is an integral part of our community where their voice is heard in influencing the product roadmap, they can connect and share knowledge with our global user base, access certified local support, and fully own their technology.

Support Ecosystem

We grow and certify a network of Mifos Partners, social businesses dedicated to providing technology and consulting services for financial inclusion. Partners are the direct connection to the user and are responsible for leading adoption of Mifos X and building new market-driven solutions.

Volunteer Network

We are amassing a network of volunteers who through our common technology platform can directly serve those at the Base of the Pyramid.  Opportunities abound at every level of the platform and initiative to strengthen our platform, enable adoption of our product, and grow our community and initiative.