Denila Philip

Impact: Denila joined the Mifos team in October 2016 and made an immediate impact. She is a skilled product manager who is willing to share her expertise with the Mifos community.

Denila drafted detailed user stories along with wire frames that has greatly accelerated the development efforts for the Android self-service app. Her main focus in in human-centered design, and her advice for the self-service application has provided great clarity and a foundation for mobile wallets and future innovations.

Denila is currently employed as a UX product manager for an New York City based company that specializes in building enterprise application software across multiple industries. Previously, she worked as a management consultant for two different consulting firms, focused on product management and process improvement.

Denila has experience as a financial manager and a software developer. Her unique combination of skills allows her to fit in great with the Mifos Initiative and produce impactful solutions.

Be proud of what we are doing!

I hope that my contributions to the self-service app, and eventually to the mobile wallet app, will help financially empower the users of these products by improving their experience in working with financial institutions, make them more aware of various financial products at their disposal for various needs, help them make better economic choices, and manage their finances in a way that improves all facets of their lives.

Denila helped build out user stories and UX designs for the Mifos self-service Android banking app.

“What I love about working on the Mifos project is being part of a global volunteer community that consists of extremely bright individuals that are also socially aware.”