Marie Claire
We aim to create a world of “3 Billion Maries”, a world where each person has access to the financial resources needed to create a better life for themselves and their family. 3 Billion Maries is the shared vision that unites our Mifos Community and what we work towards each day.

Empowered by a tiny loan, Marie-Claire Ayurwanda of Rwanda survived HIV and the death of two husbands to build a house for herself and her four children, and started a second business in her village to employ others.  Marie’s triumphant escape from poverty is what motivates us each day. To keep the MFIs and the borrowers they serve at the front of our minds, we code-name releases after a Marie from each MFI user.

Below are some of the Maries being served by MFIs using Mifos. Read their inspirational stories.