Rajan Maurya

Impact: Rajan graduated from the Mifos Google Summer of Code program in 2016, but continued to contribute back to the Mifos community. His development and bug fixing for the Android field officer application has been extremely impressive. Additionally, Rajan was willing to mentor any new contributor that joined the project.

Rajan has lead the development of the Android Self-service application by establishing a strong architecture and assisting other volunteers in their work. Rajan works tirelessly and is obviously driven to see the success of the Mifos Initiative.

Rajan is an open source evangelist and a passionate product enthusiast who believes in writing generic code. He has already gathered a lot of experience over the years but is eager to continue his learning. Some of Rajan’s skills include java, C, C++, Android SDK, and Git.

Additionally, Rajan has refined his Android development skills through his time working with Mifos. He has established himself as a strong contributor to the Initiative that loves writing code for the betterment of society.

Be engaged with others and the work they are doing, you might be able to contribute and help others and they will do the same for you.

I love teaching and I don’t care who wants to learn from me. I always try to give my best and try to teach each and every thing in that domain, Currently my juniors have started android development and whenever they got any problem they come to me to learn. It’s just started that I am active on Gitter and some time mifos android-client contributor have any problem they are asking me and I always help them.

Rajan started with code analysis tools implementation in Mifos Android-client and then refactored the whole code base in MVP layered architecture, during the code refactoring he resolved the issue that he found.

As Rajan finished the code refactoring, he started working on feature implementation including offline data sync that is very useful if the user does not have an internet connection. And then Rajan added offline Loan Repayment and Savings Acccount transaction feature, where the user is able to make transactions without internet connection and then sync whenever they have a good internet connection. Rajan is still working on this project and fixing the bugs and adding the features.

“It was a great experience working with Mifos. I have learned a lot from my mentor Ishan and thanks to Ed, who was very responsive.”