Maulik Soneji

Impact: Maulik quickly identified himself as an active member of the Mifos community who is committed to the success of the Initiative. He was eager to contribute and we could immediately tell he was going to be a extremely helpful volunteer.

Maulik is not hesitant to work alongside our other contributors and always comes prepared with great ideas to improve our applications and collaborations. He gathered experience on fintech during his time at Morgan Stanley and is great at applying his knowledge to support those at the Base of the Pyramid.

Maulik is currently the lead Software Developer at where he is constructing a Learning Management System to help companies train their employees and track their individual skill sets. He came to us with a drive to mentor our GSOC program and quickly began working with one of the interns (Mohit) on the re-skinning of the Community Application.

Maulik is extremely knowledgable, collecting experience in NodeJS, MongoDB, React JS, Java, Spring, Hibernate and Angular. His wide range of skills allows him to easily contribute to the Mifos Initiative and support other members of the Mifos team who need assistance.

I am very new to the community, so I don’t have an advice for the Mifos Community, but for the new contributors, I would like to say that try to engage with the community very often and ask questions. The projects will provide a lot of understanding about real world applications and how technology enables the world towards equal opportunities.

It is the aim of my life to make a better impact on the lives of the under privileged. I feel that by contributing to Mifos, I am enabling the under privileged towards equal opportunities and financial welfare.

Maulik worked on the community app which is the web applications used at Mifos. I will also be mentoring GSOC students and helping them to make the community app even better.

“The community has long term contributors like Ed, Mohit and Gaurav who have been associated with community since long and been very helpful to anyone who is new to the community.”