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Meet Our Clients

Mifos is proud to have helped transform the lives of more 20 million people worldwide through offering our open source banking platform. We owe our success to our many global partners who share in our vision of fighting poverty through financial inclusion and cutting edge technology. To show the impact that Mifos has made so far, we have highlighted some of our current clients and partner; hover over their logo with your mouse to see how they use Mifos and Fineract. Then click to visit their website and learn more.

Fintech Solutions

From mobile wallets to digital credit, agent banking to branchless banking, our Mifos X APIs provide numerous fintech companies the agility and accelerated time to market by being able to focus on the customer-facing innovation that matters the most.


Core Banking for Financial Inclusion

Numerous partners worldwide power their cloud-based core banking systems for financial inclusion with our Mifos X Open APIs. Following a subscription model for hosting, these partners are delivering scalable solutions in a sustainable manner.


Enterprise Banking

Starting with our Mifos Gen 1 software to our newest generation of Mifos X, banks throughout the world have utilized our platform for a variety of enterprise banking solutions. Our platform has allowed banks to significantly improve innovation speeds, synchronize and  migrate data, and more.