Raunak Sett

Impact: Raunak has been a great contributor to the Mifos Initiative. He built out a beautiful online banking application for customers, while playing a crucial role in the UI design for both the Android mobile banking application and the collection sheet in the field officers application. Additionally, we really appreciate how Raunak is always quick to offer his advice to his fellow Google Summer of Code interns.

Raunak was still able to find the time to contribute to the Mifos Initiative even as he attended the University of Delhi, where he recently graduated. He was brought onto the Mifos team as a Google Summer of Code intern and had an immediate impact. Raunak is a front-end developer with a passion for design. He has worked extensively on Angular and React, while possessing experience with javascript on front-end frameworks.

Raunak is always patient and willing to help other in the Mifos community. We truly appreciate the contributions Raunak has made to Mifos. His improvements to the user interface have no doubtably improved the usability of the Mifos X platform.

Be engaged with others and the work they are doing, you might be able to contribute and help others and they will do the same for you.

Providing an easily accessible way for the poor to obtain financial inclusion services.

  • Resolved 28 Issues for the re-skin release.
  • Created mockups for the Android self-service app, so it’s easier for people in the bottom of the pyramid to interact with financial inclusion organizations.
  • Improved the Collection Sheet UI for a fellow GSOC intern.

“I have always wanted to build things that help. Everybody has some way of giving back to the community and working on something which enables impact in lives, it’s my way of giving back to the community.”