Star Contributor of the Month – Gaurav Saini

We’re recognizing Gaurav Saini, from Chandigarh as our Star Contributor for December 2016. Gaurav has been one of our most active and loyal community members since he graduated from GSOC in 2014. He’s championed the evolution and developoment our Web UI since then. He’s a regular on the mailing lists, is often found speaking about Mifos around the world, and never hesitates to help the community when in need. Gaurav has had a busy 2016 – he started out presenting at TechDays in Amsterdam, mentored two projects for Google Summer of Code, helped a fellow partner in the community by doing hybrid mobile app development, continued to extend our Mifos X web app, attended ApacheCon in Seville, attended the GSOC Mentors Summit in Mountain View, served as a mentor for Google Code-In, and is helping to get our web self-service app off the ground. 

Gaurav Saini – Chandigarh, India

Brief Bio (in the words of Gaurav):

OpenSource Enthusiast who loves to work on javascript technologies a lot. Currently working on VOIP applications, Cloud telephony and IoT projects.

Relevant Skills & Experience:Javascript, angularJs, nodejs, Java, ionic and IOT

Gaurav’s Impact:

Discovering Mifos

I started contribution with Mifos in 2013 as preparation for 2014 GSOC and end up successfully working on community-app.


Contributions Made to Date: 

UI enhancement in angular based community-app as part of 2014 GSOC. Mentored GCI multiple times, mentored outreachy students. Org admin and  mentor in 2016 GSOC on adding PWA support to community-app with a student. Also, went as speaker on Mifos summit in Sharjah and Techdays in Amsterdam.


Current Projects: Currently I am working on mifos android-client, fixing issues and building new features and apart from that I just started working on Mifos self-service android application.

Impact on the Poor: I hope to have everyone have access to banking and poor people should have equal access to banking opportunities.

What’s Rewarding about Working on Mifos:

Most rewarding part is your contribution is given appreciation by the community and this motivates you to continue contribution with Mifos Initiative.

Top Piece of Advice for Others in the Mifos Community: I feel community is already quite active and helping, just want to see more local events and participation by community members.


Fun Facts about Gaurav

Favorite Food: Rajma Chawal

Favorite Open Source Project: It’s difficult to say any one favorite,but yes Mifos, Angular, nodejs and Ionic 2.

If Gaurav Could Travel to One Place in the World: Greece

Interesting fact/tidbit about yourself you’d like to share: I like to play around with my beard style. Also, I am foody but only explore only Veg 😛


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