Terence Monteiro

Impact: Terence has only been a part of our community since late June but he’s exactly what we look for in a partner – an amazingly talented contributor who lights up our community with his passion for our social mission. He’s eager to share his talents and give back to the community in all ways. In the short amount of time he’s been here, Terence has already built a messaging module for his Indian counterparts and has made Mifos X available via a Debian package.

Terence Monteiro – Bangalore, India

Terence possesses strong domain knowledge of the sector, technical wherewithal and experience in open source communities, making him an ideal Mifos partner. His openness and willingness to share and collaborate as well as his dedication to our mission is already enabling the virtuous cycle we seek from our partners. Despite his busy life as technology entrepreneur, he has already made astounding contributions to Mifos.

Taking the WebHooks we recently built on the platform, he built a messaging module for his Indian counterparts and has shared it all with the community. Recognizing the need for a simpler install process, he leveraged his experiences and made Mifos X available via a Debian package. Terence simply volunteered his time and made these contributions for the goodwill of the community.

Advice to Community

Keep up the good work and keep having fun while making a difference.

Impact on the Poor

Currently working on solution for organization serving 18,000 poor in 3 districts of central Karnataka State. Hoping to reach 5 million clients in 3 years.

Contributing to the Community

  • Built Mifos X Messenger, an application that automatically sends a notification for financial transactions
  • Developed an SMS template with local currency and customizable format for easy use by other (non-English) languages
  • Built a Debian package and setup a Debian repository that simplifies installing Mifos X

“Nothing can beat the satisfaction of knowing your contributions can reach far and wide making a difference and bringing positive transforming change.”

Terence Monteiro
Terence Monteiro