Mifos Keynotes Linux Foundation Open Source Summit Europe

Mifos President/CEO, Edward Cable, had the honor and privilege of giving a keynote talk at the Open Source Summit Europe hosted by Linux Foundation in Edinburgh, Scotland. His talk titled, Open Source Banking: End Poverty One Line of Code at a Timecan be watched below.

The aim of our keynote was to show developers that they could directly use open source to advance a social good like ending poverty. Apart from motiving developers with our powerful social mission of 3 Billion Maries, we were able to use this massive forum to tell our story around Open Source Banking and the evolution of our community, ecosystem and technology stack culminating in Fineract CN and Financial Inclusion 2.0.  Showing our pioneering efforts in guiding the sector through its evolution from microfinance to digital financial services fit nicely into the conference’s theme of The Evolution of Open.


Thanks to the Linux Foundation team including Angela Brown and Jillian Hall for coordinating the talk and to Dave Neary for helping us have this opportunity to take the stage.

The Linux Foundation social media team did some awesome live-tweeting of the talk (nine in total!):

This was our first time attending the Open Source Summit and it was a stellar event filled with overwhelming amounts of great content on the technical, business, and community fronts.

It was also an opportune time to continue our collaboration with the DIAL team and meet Ankur Sharma for the first time.