Ways to Give

What does #GivingTuesday look like for Mifos?

As a non-profit organization, donations are key to our success. Whether it be time or money, the generosity of the Mifos community is what allows our initiative to be so successful and steadily work towards a world where everyone has access to basic financial services. If you want to learn more about our mission, click here.

That being said, we are excited to be participating in #GivingTuesday this year and hope you will join us!

Giving Tuesday falls on November 27th, which is only a week away! Last year according to GivingTuesday.com, there were over 2,500,000 gifts from either individuals or corporations across 150 countries that totaled to over $300,000,000 just in online donations!

In the spirit of giving, there are many ways that you can contribute to Mifos, and will be outlined as follows:

1. Join Our Recurring Giving Program, The Open Source Fintech Force

While Giving Tuesday is only one day out of the year, you can choose to make a lasting impact. You can do this through joining our Open Source Fintech Force  membership program. With as little of a donation as $10 a month, you will be an immediate member and receive perks such as a free Mifos t-shirt, exclusive content and updates, and more. There are also three different tiers of the membership program, Blue, Green, and Gold that offer different and growing perks.

You can also give a one-time donation this Giving Tuesday directly to Mifos as well! While you won’t be eligible to join the OSFF, any and all donations are still welcome!

2. Give a One-Time or Matched Donation

Facebook and Paypal are matching donations on Giving Tuesday up to $7 million! So, an easy way for you to instantly double your impact is through donating to Mifos through our Facebook fundraiser! Better yet, on Giving Tuesday, you can create your own Mifos Fundraiser on Facebook to share with your friends and family too.

Check our Facebook page on Tuesday to donate or share the fundraiser!

3. Support Us On Amazon Prime

If you’re looking for more ways to continually contribute to Mifos, a simple and great way to do so is through supporting us on Amazon Smile! All you have to do is log onto your Amazon account, select The Mifos Initiative as your charity of choice, and then Amazon will donate a portion of the proceeds to Mifos while you shop like normal! Pro tip – set smile.amazon.com as your default Amazon page, so that you never forget to log in and help contribute to Mifos!

Especially this Black Friday, as you shop online, make sure to log on under Amazon Smile, because the same great Black Friday deals will be available, but Amazon will donate a portion of the proceeds to Mifos too!

4. Volunteer Your Time and Talent

Lastly, we not only accept monetary donations, but time donations too. Our work would not be possible without the hours and hours of time put in by volunteers. Whether you’re a full-time programmer looking for a side passion, a financial guru or marketing expert that could serve as an adivser, or simply an eager and creative thinker, we have a spot for you at Mifos. Getting involved and volunteering with Mifos not only allows us help expand financial inclusion, but adds you to our global community and network. The more members of our community, the stronger we will become!

5. BONUS – Giving Tuesday Only! Retweet @Benevity‘s Video and They’ll Donate $10 to Mifos

For only 12 hours this Giving Tuesday from 9am EST to 9pm PST, Benevity will be donating up to $100,000 by giving $10 each time their video is retweeted along with your chosen charity mentioned in the tweet.

All you need to do is:

  1. “Retweet and comment” the pinned video on https://twitter.com/benevity (embedded below)
  2. In the comment, make sure you include @mifos and the hashtag #BeTheGood along with a message to encourage your followers to do the same.
  3. Keep spreading the word!