Mifos and MOSIP to collaborate on next evolution of OpenG2P

Recently the Digital Public Goods Alliance announced the forthcoming leadership and support from MOSIP to the OpenG2P Initiative. We’re excited to begin collaboration with MOSIP to chart OpenG2P to new stages of growth as we collectively address the widespread challenges in digitizing social protection programs and streamlining bulk cash transfers. 

Over the past year and a half with a seed grant from Paul Maritz, the Mifos Initiative has spearheaded the cultivation of OpenG2P as the leading advocate for DPGs for social protection, stewarded the first implementation along with DSTI for the Ministry of Education in Sierra Leone, and extensively evolved the OpenG2P framework of deployable building blocks under the leadership of Fynarfin

We have been able to position OpenG2P as a showcase of how multiple digital public goods can be brought together as a cohesive and composable solution to provide scalable, maintainable, cost-effective digital public infrastructure for a complex end to end governmental use case. 

OpenG2P has established itself firmly at the intersection of social protection and digital public goods as the technology and implementation layer to augment policy-level initiatives like G2Px and as a practicable and deployable architecture and set of open source building blocks that aligns with the broader GovStack and Digital Convergence Initiatives.  


The added leadership of MOSIP will help take the initiative to new heights:

  • Formalizing the governance structure to enable the participation of other DPGs and multilateral entities
  • Accelerating the adoption of OpenG2P by leveraging MOSIP’s extensive presence as a national digial identity solution
  • Advancing the roadmap of OpenG2P to be more modular, robust and capable of flexibly supporting the benefit delivery workflows of multiple ministries. 

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