Ready for New Heights at the FI2020 Global Forum

Fresh off an invigorating and breathtaking summit that united our community from around the world, Craig Chelius is off to represent the Mifos Initiative at the Financial Inclusion 2020 Global Forum in London. We are gracious and honored to be one of a select group of Innovators who have been invited to attend the summit, which kicked off today. As we launch the first true open platform for financial inclusion, we’re eager and ready to partner with hundreds of delegates who will be at the summit.  Mifos is a game-changing catalyst for technology-enabled business models and we’re delighted for the chance to help the industry as a whole, re-discover the new Mifos Initiative.

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Chokhi Dani 065

Reflections on Day 2 of the Summit

One striking takeaway, I’ve seen at this year’s summit which shows the evolution of the project moving towards a true community is how hands-on and engrossed all audiences at the summit have been with the Mifos X product and platform itself.
Being together face to face has helped to heighten this participation even more. This all speaks to how valuable this gathering is and how important our local chapters will be for enabling this at a regional level on a more frequent basis. Training. Training. Training – we need to double down on it for users, Specialists, and Developers alike.
Summit Day 2 013

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Summit Day 1 094

2013 Mifos Summit in Jaipur has Begun!

logo_horizontalA quick post to let the community know the summit has begun. We’re only one day in but already we’ve grown incredibly from our inaugural summit in Bangalore last year. Amit has helped us pick an amazing world-class venue that we’ve filled to capacity – the comfort, cuisine, and hospitality are unmatched. We’ve nearly doubled the number of attendees with more than 75 including so many first time attendees and brand new members of the community. We have also more than doubled the amount of content in our agenda – and even stayed on schedule for the most part of Day 1 until the final day’s session ran long.


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