Ready for New Heights at the FI2020 Global Forum

Fresh off an invigorating and breathtaking summit that united our community from around the world, Craig Chelius is off to represent the Mifos Initiative at the Financial Inclusion 2020 Global Forum in London. We are gracious and honored to be one of a select group of Innovators who have been invited to attend the summit, which kicked off today. As we launch the first true open platform for financial inclusion, we’re eager and ready to partner with hundreds of delegates who will be at the summit.  Mifos is a game-changing catalyst for technology-enabled business models and we’re delighted for the chance to help the industry as a whole, re-discover the new Mifos Initiative.

Here are a few snippets from our Expression of Interest to attend the summit:

Why we want to be at FI2020 Global Forum

We are at a point of significant growth and momentum. We recently completed our transition from GFUSA as a 501(c)3, have proven the ability of partners like Musoni to build and distribute their own solutions on top of the platform, and will have completed the global launch of Mifos X at our annual summit in Jaipur.  We are ready to connect with the leaders of the FI community.

Our platform and community are poised to transform the entire industry including the practitioners delivering the services to the poor, the capacity-builders and technologists supporting and scaling the sector, as well as the funders and regulators who are monitoring the social and financial outcomes of the industry.

Community – a Disruptive Distribution and Development Model

Our global community is what fuels the sustainability of our initiative.  It collectively sources, supports, and sustains new innovation worldwide. This innovation is promoted by our network of local chapters that educate on technology best practices and evangelize Mifos. All this is backed by our ecosystem of Mifos Specialists, local service providers supporting tech for FI.

This open-source community-driven model for development and distribution will reshape technology for FI – rather than one organization capture all the value, it is shared across our community and the industry at large. We advance two key business models enabled by our open source licensing:

  • Anyone can build, sell, and distribute new solutions and applications built on the platform
  • Local IT firms can build a sustainable business providing hosting, implementation, support, and localization.