Inclusive Fintech to Accelerate Social Protection & G2P

The Mifos Initiative and its global community can help the Base of the Pyramid absorb the severe economic shock of the pandemic through the innovation of inclusive fintech enabling the rapid delivery of G2P benefits, flexible and streamlined operations, and an accelerated transformation towards digital payments and branchless channels.

Mifos is a proud member of the OpenG2P Initiative which makes available the digital building blocks to enable large scale cash transfers for governments and humanitarian organizations.

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We provide an end to end open source banking architecture consisting of Open Building Blocks for digital financial services including composable and reusable components built as microservices, accessible via APIs, and deployed onto reference mobile apps.

The underbanked and members of the informal economy were already vulnerable but the COVID-19 pandemic has had an even more devastating impact on them and their ability to sustain their livelihoods while maintaining proper health.

With economies on lockdown and traditional forms of financial inclusion constrained, there is a critical need to:

  • Rapidly transfer cash and benefit payments directly to individuals
  • Extend additional credit to micro, small and medium enterprises. 
  • Ease the existing debt burden of individuals 
  • Reduce the amount of physical contact and usage of cash in delivering financial services.

Financial Inclusion can be a bedrock of this response, our open building blocks and global community enables inclusive fintech that:

  • Enable governments to rapidly open up bank accounts in the cloud through Mifos and make transfer payments via interoperable digital rails like Mojaloop  
  • Digitize operations and increase the capacity and lower the costs of providing credit to MSMEs. 
  • Utilize the flexibility of Mifos to nimbly respond to the needs of borrowers by rescheduling loans and putting moratoriums on payments 
  • Go digital by enabling cashless transactions via mobile money and branchless operations via self-service channels  via mobile and online. 

End to End Architecture Accessible via APIs

Open Building Blocks for Digital Financial Services

Virtuous Cycle Across a Global Open Source Community

Mifos can enable the rapid deployment of bank accounts across an entire country providing a modern, cost-effective, and highly connected banking infrastructure to reach the underbanked.

Opening these accounts and disbursing benefits is just the beginning as our digital financial services platform provides the foundation for a thriving FinTech ecosystem delivering innovative financial services. Each individual can be reached through a single point of integration via Open APIs.

Mifos Community in Action

Across our global community, our Mifos partners have been nimbly able to help the fintechs and financial institutions they support respond to the challenges of their customers by leveraging the configurability, extensibility, and ability to extend the Mifos codebase and data model. 

Take Action

Here’s how you can get involved or begin using our stack.

Use Mifos in the Cloud

Experience how rapidly you can deploy accounts into the cloud by signing up for your own sandbox instance of Mifos X powered by Corent and Azure.

Digitally Transform

Are you ready to go branchless or provide self-service channels to your customers?  Explore our suite of mobile apps you can build on top of to extend your reach further to your customers.

Build New Innovation

Looking to build an inclusive fintech solution and don’t want to re-invent the wheel? Focus on your product and customer by building on our open core banking infrastructure.

Learn More

Read our Financial Inclusion 2.0 whitepaper to discover how to enable the rapid deployment of bank accounts across an entire country providing a modern, cost-effective, and highly connected banking infrastructure to reach the underbanked.


Make a financial contribution to help support us in hosting institutions in the cloud, creating and extending our building blocks, and cultivating collaboration across our global community.


Sharing your time and talent with our initiative is a priceless way to support our community. We need technical and non-technical volunteers alike who can strengthen our platform and product as well as business and fundraising advisors to grow our community and initiative.

Resources on COVID-19

Our peer organizations across the sector have done a great job compiling resources, articles, and discussion forums related to the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on financial inclusion and inclusive fintech.  Our very own, James Dailey, co-authored this article on the opportunities and challenges for the informal economy on