Nazeer Canopy, #118, 1st floor, 2nd cross, 3rd Main, Mico Layout, Stage 2, BTM Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560076
Nazeer Canopy #118, 1st Floor, 2nd Cross 3rd Main, MICO Layout, BTM Layout, 2nd Stage Bengaluru IN

We are a team of idea addict with a socio-technical mindset having a firm belief in digital solutions that can pragmatically solve social problems. We believe that human welfare activities too need evolving Ideas backed with innovative software products and services.

Leveraging on the existing software solutions we add our unique value to convert it into an affordable solution, thus a step closer to drive people towards Inclusive software solution. At Ideoholic, Affordability meets Software Solutions. We provide sustainable, software products/solutions that are affordable. Hence, all the software solutions that we create and offer are open source and of free usage.

We started our journey with Fintech working with Interest Free Microfinance Institutions in India. We have partnered with Sahulat Microfinance Society, New Delhi and developed technology solutions for MFIs using Mifos as the core. We are planning many more innovations using Mifos currently.

Type of Partner
Platform Solution Partner
Primary Contact
+91 99863 38332
Number of Customers
3 customers
Active Member of the Community Since:
June 1, 2018
Regions Served
Asia - Central, Asia - East, Asia - South, Asia - Southeast, Middle East
Social Mission

Our goal is to help Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) decrease their transaction cost so much to almost charge 0% interest on their loan products. The biggest pain at present is the high interest rates of MFIs, which is an irony, as they cater to the poor. Cost effective digital solutions can be an effective way to minimise the high interest rates.
We firmly believe that Open Source Solution is the best way to help in this cause. Also we don’t want to reinvent the wheel. We want to build on what is already working and serving the purpose. To serve this purpose Mifos looks like the best choice.

Services Offered
  • Dynamic Service Charge Calculation for expense based performance assessment of MFIs
  • Deployment
  • Customization
  • Training
  • Data Migration from existing system (digital as well as manual) to Mifos
  • Develop new solutions using Mifos
  • Data Analysis services
  • Integration of Human Resource and Asset Management solutions with Mifos
  • Self Service App and Mobile Wallet
  • Digital Solutions for Interest Free and Islamic Microfinance Institutions
Deployment Partner Services
Implementation Services, Hosting & Support Services, Mifos Training & Education, Localization & Custom Development, Systems Integration, Reports Development, Microfinance & Business Process Consulting, Social Performance Management Consulting
Platform Solution Services
Product/Solution Development on Mifos X platform (branded solutions), Integration of existing product with Mifos X platform , Custom app or module development on Mifos X platform
Size of the Team
5 employees
Team Description

Musaib Asrar: 7+ years of experience in Java, Product development
Reehan Khan: 11+ years of experience in Java and related technologies
Mudassar Ahamed: 13+ years of experience. Product manager, Sales and support
Md Saifuddin: 2 year experience in Java and HTML, CSS

Areas of Expertise

Serverside technologies: J2EE, Spring boot
Client Side technologies: Javascript, Angular
Other technologies: SQL, Shell Scripting, Cloud hosting, Android, PHP, HTML, CSS

Relevant Industry Experience

1 year of experience working in the fintech and Microfinance sector. Developed digital solutions for Interest Free Mircofinance Co-operatives working in India. The solution is actively being marketed for more deployment across India and abroad.

Customers Being Supported
  1. The Life Line Foundation, Bangalore
  2. Baitun Nasr, Mumbai
  3. Sahulat Mircofinance, Sardhana, Meerut
History with the Mifos Community

We joined as Mifos Partner in June, 2018. The main reason to join as a partner was to collaborate actively with the global Mifos community.
When we decided to work in the Microfinance domain, we started to look for what is already done using Open Source Software. Mifos was our final choice because of it’s modular and highly customizable architecture which allows so many innovations on it. Then it has been developed by Grameen Bank the pioneer of Microfinance in the world. Similarly the ever evolving nature of Mifos with newer technologies, newer possibilities, support for Partners, training resources all are strong features of Mifos ecosystem, which plugs you in with it.

Our accomplishment so far:
– Developed Dynamic Service Charge Calculation and integrated with MifosX
– Deployed Mifos at 3 Microfinance Institutions
– Provided 20+ Training sessions
– Data Migration from Old Software to MifosX

Future Goals & Strategy for Mifos
  • Human Resource and Asset Management Integration with Mifos
  • A complete Cross MFI Digital Payment Platform on Mifos
  • Intelligent Analytics Services for MFIs using Mifos using Artificial Intelligence and Big Data
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