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Cameron Goldie-Scot
AOC Oud Zuid, 
Hillegomstraat 12-14
, 1058 LS, Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Musoni Services has partnered with Mifos to produce the Musoni System, a best-practice MIS, hosted on the cloud, specifically aimed at MFIs and SACCOs looking to benefit from the latest technology, but at a fraction of the cost of traditional banking software. The Musoni System is now used by 100 financial institutions across Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya.

On top of the MifosX platform, Musoni have added integrations with the world’s leading mobile-money channels (enabling MFIs to send and receive payments over M-PESA, Airtel and Payway); their unique and user-friendly UI making it easier than ever to manage your clients and loans; and a full suite of portfolio and operational reports based on their experiences of running an MFI. They provide the system hosting, full-time support and ongoing development.

To the Mifos community they bring a full time team of developers contributing to the platform in their fortnightly release cycles, their experience in linking mobile money microfinance, and finally their experience setting up and running microfinance operations in Africa.

Number of Customers
Regions Served
Africa - East, Africa - South, Africa - Central
Type of Partner
Platform Solution Partner
Services Provided
Implementation Services, Hosting & Support Services
Platform Solution Services Provided
Product/Solution Development on Mifos X platform (branded solutions)
Services & Solutions

Musoni licenses the Musoni System to MFIs around the world. The system, built upon the Mifos X platform, is a best-practice MIS hosted on the cloud, specifically aimed at MFIs and SACCOs looking to benefit from the latest technology, but at a much lower cost than traditional banking software. The Musoni System enables MFIs to easily manage their clients, loans and savings; offers a comprehensive range of portfolio and financial reports; includes its own accounting module and of course integrates with mobile money.

Musoni has a flexible pricing structure, based on the size of the organisation, removing barriers to entry and tying Musoni’s success to the long-term success of its partners.

Team Description

The Musoni team consists of dedicated development team supported by management. The team has extensive experience in microfinance, technology and mobile money. Alongside successfully founding the world’s first 100% mobile microfinance organisation in the world (now serving more than 18,000 clients in Kenya), the team were also the first to extensively use SMS messages as payment reminders in microfinance, and pioneered the use of tablets to capture data in the field.

Industry Experience

In 2009 Musoni founded the first 100% mobile microfinance organisation in the world. Since then we have processed over 1.5m M-PESA transactions, automatically sent over 1m SMS reminders, and carried out over 30,000 digital loan applications over the Musoni app. Our primary experience is linked to East African microfinance operations and on providing MFIs with the latest technology in the market.

Community History
We joined the Mifos Community in early 2013 at the start of the development of the MifosX platform. Since then we have worked closely with the MifosX team on the development of many of the […]
Ecosystem Objectives
Musoni will continue to be a lead supporter of Mifos, directly contributing back to the ongoing development of the platform, assisting on strategy and product roadmap, and finally doing eve […]
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Social Mission
To improve the lives of the unbanked through technology.