Star Contributor of the Month – Rajan Maurya

We’re recognizing Rajan Maurya, recent GSOC graduate, from Delhi as our Star Contributor. Rajan didn’t wait a moment to continue excelling as a contributor even as GSOC concluded. He has continued his development and bug fixing for the Android field officer app and has graciously helped to mentor any new contributor that has come along. He has also taken the initiative to lead the Android Self-Service App by putting in place a strong architecture and guiding fellow volunteers to contribute. It’s been a pleasure to work with Rajan to see how tirelessly he dedicates himself to the Mifos community at all hours of the night. Join us in congratulating Rajan and follow his lead so you too can be recognized as Star Contributor in an upcoming month. 

Rajan Maurya – Delhi, india

Brief Bio (in the words of Rajan):

I am an open source evangelist and a passionate product enthusiast and believe in writing generic code, It’s fun writing generic code once and then using functionality without doing anything.

I have good experience in writing an android application in MVP architecture and believe in writing clean code.

I believe in writing quality code and do not believe in temporary patches during coding.

I am a 4th year undergraduate student from Cluster Innovation Centre, Delhi university and this semester is my 7th semester in the college, as per my course structure I have to do six month internship in 8th semester and I have decided to do job after my graduation. that’s why I am finding job that shall be start from December’s last week.

I am always eager to learn new things and I am in my last semester. I don’t have time to think about any big project and I was finding any good project to contribute and I found Mifos Self-Service, a good project, and I started contributing in addition to the Mifos Android Client.

Relevant Skills & Experience:

Java is my first language and I am writing code in java. I also have knowledge of C and C++ but I found myself most comfortable in java. I have a good understanding of Android SDK, Git and I have been an Android developer the past two years. Open source is a great place to learn from the great people that have unlimited knowledge. I am doing coding from last two years and all the things I have done are all open source.

This summer August 2016 I have graduated from Google Summer of Code. I have learned a lot, more than I can explain. It’s look like I have become full stack from intermediate android developer. I have worked with Ishan Khanna and Ed Cable. Both are very responsive, I didn’t remember that when I was waiting for their response, as I sent message to help. They always gave response within hour. And about my mentor Ishan – we talked almost everyday and whenever we were talking he taught me many things. This was happening every time on chat or hangout.

Rajan’s Impact:

Discovering Mifos

As Google announced the organization list and I was looking for any organization that was doing android related projects and on 15th march, student application period started. I started looking at every organization’s projects list and I found  many interesting project in Mifos Initiative’s idea list, especially Self-Service android application idea and their REST API. I started contributing in mifos android-client because I read that contribution is necessary If you want to be select for GSoC by Mifos. During contribution, I proposed to implement MVP architecture in the android-client and I got a positive response from Ishan.

On March 19th, I was looking at the Mifos idea list again and found they updated the idea list and added the Mifos android-client in the idea list. I decided to apply to the Mifos android-client project instead of Self-Service.

Contributions Made to Date: 

I started with code analysis tools implementation in mifos android-client and then I refactored the whole code base in MVP layered architecture, during the code refactoring I resolved the issue that I had found.

As I finished the code refactoring, I started working on feature implementation including offline data sync that is very useful if a user does not have an internet connection. And then I added offline LoanRepayment and SavingsAcccount transaction feature, where the user is able to make transactions without internet connection and then sync whenever they have a good internet connection. I am still working on this project and fixing the bugs and adding the features.

Current Projects: Currently I am working on mifos android-client, fixing issues and building new features and apart from that I just started working on Mifos self-service android application.

Impact on the Poor: I love teaching and I don’t care who wants to learn from me. I always try to give my best and try to teach each and every thing in that domain, Currently my juniors have started android development and whenever they got any problem they come to me to learn. It’s just started that I am active on Gitter and some time mifos android-client contributor have any problem they are asking me and I always help them.

What’s Rewarding about Working on Mifos: It was a great experience working with Mifos. I have learned a lot from my mentor Ishan and thanks to Ed, who was very responsive. I never waited a day long for any discussion and any type of help. That was the most rewarding for me. That’s why my development was never stopped at any time due to any blockers.

Top Piece of Advice for Others in the Mifos Community: Mifos is a great organization and very responsive. My personal advice is that if you have any blockers, please do not hesitate to ask any type of question to the community on gitter channel, I am sure that someone will help you very soon.

Fun Facts about Rajan

Favorite Food: I am vegetarian, I love veg food especially cheese burger and pizza.

Favorite Open Source Project: Retrofit, OkHttp, Dagger2, ButterKnife, DBFlow, Mifos android-client etc.

If Rajan Could Travel to One Place in the World: USA Google Headquarters, Switzerland, amsterdam, there are lot’s of places, where I wanna go.

Interesting fact/tidbit about yourself you’d like to share: I am a foodie, I love eating,

If I have started watching any season, I can not stop myself till that I will not finish that.

You can find out more about Rajan at