Profamilia Goes Live with Mifos in Mozambique

IMG-20110808-00006Great news from Mozambique as we have another Mifos deployment live and another Mifos user to welcome to the community.  Miguel and Natu from Iniciativa Mifos Moçambique just finished implementing Mifos at Profamilia Moçambique.  Miguel is leading efforts to promote and distribute Mifos all throughout Southern Africa – his team has successfully brought the Mifos technology to Associação Progresso in Cabo Delgado, Mozambique and to Kongalend Financial Services in Namibia. Beyond Mozambique, their team is seeking out additional Mifos users to add to the community in Zambia and Cape Verde.

Profamilia Moçambique’s microfinance operations serve the province of Inhambane, benefiting the populations of the districts of Inhambane, Zavala, Inharime, Morrumbene through the provision of more inclusive financial services. They target their solidarity group loans at low income customers, particularly women.

To this end, SBS and Afrisis, Miguel and Natu’s respective consulting firms, were hired to implement Mifos because their confidence and belief that this system would ensure sustained growth of microcredit activities, including expansion to other districts where Profamilia works.

Mifos was configured to support the following loan products:

  1. Trade Loans (monthly rent payments)
  2. Agriculture Loan
  3. Social Loans

All of these loans are approved after a preliminary contract of compulsory savings

The Profamilia Mifos system was deployed during the months of July and August with the head office operating in Maputo and operations in the province of Inhambane.

Mifos system was installed in a VPS (Virtual Private Server) allowing Profamilia managers to access the system from any point in Mozambique, expecting to create a significant reduction in operational costs.

Below is the photo of Mifos Specialists with Profamilia loan promoters.



More about Profamilia

Profamilia Moçambique is a non-governmental organization whose mission is to develop initiatives that contribute to the strengthening and enhancement of the family as the basic unit of society and to promote sustainable economic, social and cultural development of rural and urban communities. Part of the organization-specific programs are directed towards the care of women and children, vulnerable groups of population. Profamilia has other ongoing programs, like the project to support the development of agriculture in the districts of Zumbo and Mutarara, in Tete, which benefits about 25,000 people, as well as the project to support children and helpless victims of HIV, also in Tete.