Mifos 2.1.6 Released & SolDevelo to Extend Mifos 2.2

This past week, we released the latest hotfix, Mifos 2.1.6. This hotfix release includes the following fixes:

  • Stack trace appears is no longer appearing after submitting Question Groups with response which has more than 200 characters
  • Client details page are no longer loading too slowly for some MFIs

Click here to download and view documentation. A full list of the of issues fixed can be found here: http://tinyurl.com/427kfya  and in the release notes: http://tinyurl.com/43sga7p

Please note the upgrade instructions as well when upgrading to this release.

SolDevelo to Extend Mifos 2.2

SolDevelo, highlighted in this recent newslog post, also announced via the mailing list that they will be supporting and extending the Mifos 2.2 branch. They will be moving Mifos 2.2 from a release candidate to a full production release by fixing any critical bugs and increasing the overall stability of the release.

The Mifos 2.2.1 release is targeted for the beginning of October and will include a new REST API module. This enhancement will make it much easier to integrate Mifos with third party systems and applications including mobile user interfaces, mobile payments, accounting systems, HR systems, and more.

SolDevelo is happy to be supporting the next release of Mifos and welcomes any feature suggestions or enhancements you would like to see in the product.

Follow this mailing list thread for additional commentary from Jakub and discussion from the community on the ongoing support being provided by SolDevelo.

Stay tuned to additional updates on Mifos.org regarding the product roadmap and upcoming releases.

About SolDevelo

SolDevelo Sp. z o.o. has been working closely with the Mifos team for more than a year. During this time they implemented new features to both the Mifos and Mifos BI platforms, provided quality assurance services and greatly improved stability of the product. SolDevelo Sp. z o.o. (located in Gdynia, Poland) is a dynamic software development and information technology outsourcing company, focused on delivering high quality software and innovative solutions. They are specializing themselves in the Java/JEE platform, but also have experience in mobile solutions and other languages.

Their first contributions came in 2009, from Jakub Sławiński who was recognized as Star Contributor of the Month in January 2010. From there, they put a lot of effort towards fixing bugs and implementing improvements raised by the Mifos users. After this close engagement with Mifos customers, they began work on new Mifos functionalities including M-PESAQuestion Groups and FTL frontend as well as rewriting hundreds of tests in the Automated Regression Testing project and continued enhancements to the Mifos BI platform.

Since the Mifos transition, they’ve stepped up to provide support to existing Mifos Cloud customers and began promoting their own hosted service offering in Amazon EC2, MifCloud.  Please visit www.mifcloud.com to become a customer of this new service offering for Mifos.