Musoni Services

Impact: After pioneering the world’s first cashless and paperless microfinance institution at Musoni Kenya, Musoni Services aims to replicate their best-practice microfinance across Africa. After building out Musoni System on top of the Mifos X platform, they have implemented it at eight organizations serving 425,000 clients across 15 countries.

Musoni Services has partnered with Mifos to produce the Musoni System, a best-practice MIS, hosted on the cloud, specifically aimed at MFIs and SACCOs looking to benefit from the latest technology, but at a fraction of the cost of traditional banking software. The Musoni System is now used by 100 financial institutions across Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya.

On top of the MifosX platform, Musoni have added integrations with the world’s leading mobile-money channels (enabling MFIs to send and receive payments over M-PESA, Airtel and Payway); their unique and user-friendly UI making it easier than ever to manage your clients and loans; and a full suite of portfolio and operational reports based on their experiences of running an MFI. They provide the system hosting, full-time support and ongoing development.

To the Mifos community they bring a full time team of developers contributing to the platform in their fortnightly release cycles, their experience in linking mobile money microfinance, and finally their experience setting up and running microfinance operations in Africa.

Musoni licenses the Musoni System to MFIs around the world. The system, built upon the MifosX platform, is a best-practice MIS hosted on the cloud, specifically aimed at MFIs and SACCOs looking to benefit from the latest technology, but at a much lower cost than traditional banking software. The Musoni System enables MFIs to easily manage their clients, loans and savings; offers a comprehensive range of portfolio and financial reports; includes its own accounting module and of course integrates with mobile money. Musoni has a flexible pricing structure, based on the size of the organisation, removing barriers to entry and tying Musoni’s success to the long-term success of its partners.

Musoni Services’ innovative technology solutions and world-class operations processes touches the lives of many unbanked throughout all of Sub-Saharan Africa including Uganda’s first female motorbike taxi driver, Naume Awero, who’s made her liveilhood possible through a boda-boda loan from Tugende, a customer using the Musoni System.

Musoni Service is an anchor in our community. Apart from the knowledge and expertise they bring from their many years pushing the cusp of innovation and process evolution in the field, their development team contributes significant features and bug fixes back to the core platform including the integration of the Progress out of Poverty Index.