Come to our Talk at OSCON

We’re right in the middle of OSCON and having a blast, meeting some incredibly motivated and talented individuals. After the conference, we’re looking to turn them into great volunteers for our community.

We have one more day at our booth in the Expo Hall tomorrow and have Vishwas Babu’s talk, Bringing Banking to the Poor with the Help of AngularJS at 11:30am, Wednesday July 23,  in room D137/D138

We are excited for Vishwas to take the stage at OSCON and for others in the open source community to see how strong a leader he is.

His talk will cover why we chose AngularJS for our community app given the needs of our users and the diversity of our contributor base, how we built our Community App on AngularJS and the impact it’s had on our community, and some practical advice on why AngularJS was right for us and whether or not it’s right for you.

If you’re at OSCON come see the talk to learn more about our project and how we use the leading OS frameworks to bring financial services to the poor. For those of you who can’t join in person, we’ll make sure to link to the video of Vishwas’ talk.