Meet the 2023 Google Summer of Code Class of Interns

Our 2023 intern programs are well underway and our interns are making great progress. Google Summer of Code is now in its 18th year and Mifos has the privilege of participating for the 8th time independently and 11th year overall. Once again we were blessed with the selection of 10 interns through Google Summer of Code. However we had such a high-quality number of applicants yet a limited number of slots to select them for GSOC that we have also offered an additional 4 internships separately through our inaugural Mifos Summer of Code. So give a big welcome to all 14 of our interns who will be contributing this summer and to all of their mentors who have been guiding them on their journeys. We will be sending regular updates to the mailing list on progress and hosting mid-term and end of program showcases to keep the community informed of their work.

While our primary aim for Summer of Code is to build the next generation of open source contributors who will become the future maintainers, committers, and builders across our ecosystem, the projects this year will be quite impactful for the community with valuable enhancements to our existing projects as well as new exploratory work. Between Google Summer of Code and Mifos Summer of Code, we’ll have five interns working on our mobile apps, 2 interns working on the web front-end, 2 working on security and penetration testing, 2 on the Fineract platform or DevOps, and 3 AI-related projects. 

On the front-end, Pushpendra Kumar will be enhancing the new Web App to consume the auto-generated typescript client to be more maintainable and synchronized with Fineract releases while Radha Thakare will explore the next generation of our web UI by building out a POC of a modular UI framework containing micro-front-ends.

All of our mobile apps will be getting some attention with Pratyush Singh and Abhishek Gururani working across Mifos Mobile our mobile banking app to refine its architecture, upgrade its libraries, improve the security of its connection to the Fineract back-end and extend its consumption of the mobile UI library and Android SDK. The mobile wallet will be getting similar treatment from Rachit Gupta with upgrading of dependencies, streamlining of the UI with the mobile UI library and genericizing the use cases it supports for a mobile wallet that represents that majority of global wallet use cases. Aditya Gupta will be enhancing the Android Client for field officers to further consume more of the Android SDK and complete its migration from Java to Kotlin. Lakhwinder will be splitting his time between the mobile UI library but also completing our open banking fintech app and extending it to integrate with the Mojaloop PISP APIs for third party fintech innovation.

On the back-end Fineract platform, Abhinav will be leveraging his experience in converting monolithic apps to microservices architectures by enabling greater Fineract modularity by extending the customer module layer designed by Aleks Vidakovic across more packages in Fineract. On the DevOps front, Elijah Okello, will be helping to demonstrate the power of Mifos, Mojaloop and Payment Hub EE by providing an easily deployable package along with demonstrate storyboards and use cases to showcase the power of IIPS powered by DPGs.  Both Kerlyn Manyi and Yash Sancheti have extensive experience with cyber security and penetration testing and will be putting Fineract as well as the Mifos web and mobile apps through rigorous security, penetration testing, and static analysis under the mentorship of Godfrey Kutumela. Meghna Bajoria, with support from Jeremy Engelbrecht, will be resurrecting our Mifos Chatbot for Fineract to take advantage of the latest advances in AI and LLM.  As part of Mifos Summer of Code, both Deepthi M and A Patel as medium-duration projects will be working our Vision PPI app to make the app itself functional and refine the cloud vision analytics for image processing for PPI scorecards. 

Mobile Apps – Mifos X 

Pratyush Singh – India

  • Mifos Mobile 6.0
  • Mentors: Ahmad Jawid Muhammadi, Rajan Maurya
Abhishek Gurarani – India

  • Mifos Mobile 6.0
  • Mentors: Ahmad Jawid Muhammadi, Avinash Vijayvargiya
Rachit Gupta – USA

  • Mobile Wallet 6.0
  • Mentors: Chirag Gupta, Rajan Maurya, Avinash Vijayvargiya, Victor Romero


Mifos X Web Apps

Pushpendra Kumar – India 

  • Web App Refactoring & Enhancements
  • Mentors: Ramveer Rajpoot, Bharath Gowda, Jose Alberto Hernandez

Radha Thakare – India

  • Web App 2.0 – Modular UI Framework with Micro Front-Ends
  • Mentors: Bharath Gowda, Jose Alberto Hernandez Aleks Vidakovic





Fineract Platform, Security & DevOps 

Abhinav Sinha – USA

  • Modularizing Fineract
  • Mentors: Aleks Vidakovic, Anuruddha Premalal, Sanyam Goel

Elijah Okello – Uganda

  • Deployable Package for Mifos/Mojaloop/Payment Hub EE
  • Mentors: Tom Daly, Avik Ganguly
Meghna Bajoria -USA

  • Mifos Chatbot for Fineract
  • Mentors: Jeremy Engelbrecht, Param Mirani, Paras Dhama
Kerlyn Manyi – Cameroon

  • Security & Penetration Testing
  • Mentor: Godfrey Kutumela 
Yash Sancheti – India

  • Security & Penetration Testing
  • Mentor: Godfrey Kutumela

Mifos Summer of Code Interns 

Deepthi Mavillapally- India 

  • Vision PPI 
  • Mentors: Param Mirani, Paras Dhama, Harsh Vardhan 

A Patel – India

  • Vision PPI
  • Mentors: Param Mirani, Paras Dhama, Harsh Vardhan

Aditya Gupta – India 

  • Android Client
  • Mentors: Avinash Vijayvargiya, Rajan Maurya,  


Lakhwinder Singh Sarao – India

  • Mobile UI Library & Open Banking/PISP Fintech App
  • Mentor(s): Rajan Maurya, Karim Jindani 

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