Mifos Welcomes Senior Advisor, Shashi Raghunandan


Mifos is pleased to welcome Shashi Raghunandan as a Senior Advisor, to provide strategic insight, partner engagement and thought leadership on payment related initiatives including G2P payments, cross-border payments and building out the open source community around Mifos’ Payment Hub EE.

Shashi brings 18+ years of payments and financial services background in developing and developed markets to Mifos. His work has encompassed a range of payment domains including remittances, disbursements, mobile money and card-based payments. He is passionate about digital rails that drives social change and working across both public and private sector to deliver impact. We look forward to having Shashi join Mifos and engaging with the broader community.

Welcome Tapasweni Pathak to Mifos for Google Season of Docs 2022

Mifos has the honor of participating in Google Season of Docs for the second year in a row. After much deliberation over a number of very promising technical writer candidates, we’re delighted to have selected Tapasweni Pathak to lead completion of our project, Update Platform and Collaboration Documentation for Launch of Mifos X 3.0.

Our project centers around building upon our consolidated user and developer documentation portals to update technical and collaboration documentation to reflect the major platform enhancements and streamlining we’ve made to our contribution and release processes. As you’ve seen on the mailing list, with the contribution from professional services customers of the Mifos Initiative, upstream contribution has increased greatly along with a greater cadence of releases. We needed to update our documentation accordingly with these major architectural enhancements supporting greater stability and scalability along with the automation and streamlining that have been added to our collaboration processes.

In a short time, Tapasweni has already demonstrated through her attention to detail, her vision for the project, and her strong project management vigor that she will add tremendous value to our community beyond this project alone.  She is just getting up to speed so expect to see a lot of her on the mailing lists and on Slack. Read on to learn more about her in the words of Tapasweni herself. Join us in welcoming her to the community!

Tapasweni Pathak works with Microsoft Azure Core Engineering as a Principal Product Manager. She likes solving real-world problems, bringing transparency to things she gets involved with, and open source. Her research interests are operating systems, distributed systems, economics, and statistics. In past she has worked in Financial Innovation Services domain with Reliance Jio as Product Manager and Engineering Manager, her major involvements were bringing Jio Digital Wallet, Jio Digital Payments, travel, and transit in Jio Money online in smartphones. She has been deeply involved in open source and has contributed in her area of interests in different roles. 
She belives documentation is the most important part of delivering a usable product. Involvement with an idea, and delivering a product comes into a usable existence “after” technical writing. The Mifos Initiative has great depth in enabling democratization of financial services worldwide. Its users, community, local specialists, people involved, add to the unique structure that it builds to solve global financial inclusion and sustainable access to the financial resources problem. Being part of the community as a technical writer, to further drive the improvement and enhancement of its vast documentation would be an interesting challenge that she would love to work upon.