2014 Google Summer of Code Wrapup – Bigger and Better than Ever

It’s been just over a month since the 2014 Google Summer of Code program has officially concluded so now that things have settled down it’s due time to recognize our fantastic students, their dedicated mentors, and their long-lasting contributions they have made to the community. Each of our students excelled in their projects and have cemented themselves as anchors in the community, eager to contribute more code and continuing as they’ve done this summer. A huge thank you to Google for allowing us to be a part of GSOC – Carol, Cat, and company have done a remarkable job with the program in its tenth year.

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Mifos to Speak at FinDEVr San Francisco

We are proud to take the stage as a bronze sponsor at FinDEVr San Francisco this week. Billed as the First Event for Fintech Developers, we’re eager to showcase our game-changing Mifos X platform to the world’s leading players in the fintech space like MasterCard, Visa, and Paypal. Organized by the Finovate Group, “for the first time, FinDEVr will gather together hundreds of the builders – devs, software architects, CTOs, VPs of engineering – that are forging the future of financial, banking and payments technology in a single place.”

James DaileyWe are excited to open their eyes, likely for the first time as well, to the massive opportunity there is to bring financial service to the 2.5 Billlion Unbanked at the Base of the Pyramid. James Dailey will be on the main stage on Day 1 to give a talk introducing our Mifos X platform, and the innovative new business models that our a modern componentized API-driven architecture enables. As the world’s one true open platform for financial inclusion, we give innovators the power to build mobile and cloud-based solutions that scale and respond directly to the rapidly evolving needs of clients worldwide.

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Video from Vishwas’ OSCON talk is live!

Video from Vishwas’ talk on AngularJS at the 2014 OSCON in Portland has now been uploaded. For more on Vishwas’ talk and our booth educating the open source world on technology for financial inclusion, see our OSCON blog post.