Leila E Translations – the Final Push!

halfdomeCode freeze for Leila E has come and gone but we’re still not finished with our translations. We need to have all our translations completed.  Help us ship Mifos with versions for French, Spanish, Chinese, and Portuguese.

Our Translation Sprint two weeks ago provided a great spurt and needed boost to our efforts.  Thanks to all the members of the Translatewiki.net and Mifos communities for participating. We had over 1000 messages translated that weekend and more than 3500 messages translated in total since. We’ve also yielded some good traction on new languages like Bengali, Burmese, Tegulu, Tagalog, Interlingua, German, Breton, Norwegian, Macedonian, and Dutch.

Special thanks to: Verdy P (French), Julio Martinez (Spanish), Beria Lima (Portuguese), Kazi S. M. Faysal (Bengali), Veeven(Telugu), B. Jankuloski (Macedonian), Kghbln (German), Siebrand (Dutch), Jon Harald Søby (Norwegian), McDutchie(Interlingua)


Here’s what we have left and how you can help.


Remaining Messages

French Spanish Chinese Portuguese
New Translations (Edit on Translatewiki.net) Start – 118

Current – 0

Start – 767

Current – 0

Start – 755

Current – 0

Start – 1073

Current – 0

Old Translations (Edit .po files locally with .poedit) Start – 365 | 377

Current – less than 100

Start – 323 | 86

Current – 0 | 0


Start – 26 | 49

Current – 0 | 0

Start – 138

Current – 0

Who’s Helping? Verdy P, Jason Hahn, Lassâad Ben Hadj, Hélène Martin Julio Martinez, Ed Cable Jessica Cheng, Jan Ding Beria Lima, Miguel Jóia Santos, Christopher Catania

How do I help?