SanJose Solutions

Contact Information
Primary Contact
Terence Monteiro
Sanjose Solutions, 1st cross Road, Karamchand Layout, Saint Thomas Town, Lingarajapuram, Bengaluru, Karnataka
Detailed Information

SanJose Solutions is a Software firm which believes that technology can make a difference in Social Transformation. Providing best of market solutions that challenge the barriers of what technology can do, SanJose Solutions believes in Software Freedom, Integrity and Service hence in building mutually beneficial relationships with customers as partners and collaborators in your work and mission.

Number of Customers
Regions Served
Africa - Central, Africa - East, Africa - West, Asia - South, Asia - Southeast
Services Provided
Implementation Services
Platform Solution Services Provided
Product/Solution Development on Mifos X platform (branded solutions)
Team Description

We are talented and highly motivated team with 20+ years experience in Technology and expertise in wide variety of domains. We are committed to core values of Software Freedom, Integrity and Service.

Industry Experience

20+ years of experience in Technology and Open Source with expertise in Cloud and Web domains.

Community History
Technical knowledge and expertise and passion to work and share contributions
Ecosystem Objectives
Continue to develop and release Open Source tools and solutions around Mifos and Fineract platform to enhance our value services and by sharing, those of partners across the world.
Social Mission
We believe Financial Inclusion is a major accelerator towards alleviating poverty and so we partner with Mifos to support FIs working to reach unbanked around the world.