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#4, 3eme Avenue, Quartier Zeimet, Kinindo Bujumbura, Burundi
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We are an IT services company that enables enterprise transformation through IT consulting, system integration, custom development and enterprise mobile solutions in Burundi and the East African Region with offices and staff in Burundi, India and South Korea.

One area of interest for Hewe is the finance industry, especially microfinances. Though MFIs play a crucial role in making sure Burundians have access to proper finances, these institutions have few choices when it comes to Management Information Systems. Hewe intends to tackle this issue by relying on Mifos X platform to provide affordable, easy to use and easy to integrate platform that can be used by MFIs to financially serve communities.


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**IT Consulting**
We listen first. We engage business executives in a two ways conversation where we try to understand their business operations and daily challenges. We then propose innovative solutions that will transform their businesses and help them gain a competitive edge on the market. Moreover, considering the challenging economic environment of the country and the lack of expertise in IT, we propose to business cutting edge technologies that are mostly open source, cloud based and mobile, and are affordable and suitable to the business environment. This way, we lower enterprises upfront capital investment in IT, reduce them maintenance and IT operations cost, we allow them to focus on their core competencies and finally we leverage on the pervasiveness of mobile to create new market opportunities by reaching people in remote areas. In a country where 90% of the population is still rural, we believe that it makes a difference.

**Business Applications**
At Hewe, we tap into existing prepackaged applications that have proved their superiority elsewhere in the world. Partnering with multiple companies across the World, Hewe proposes local businesses robust solutions developed by partner companies that can solve complex issues and lower products and services costs. This is possible because most of business operations share similar patterns across industries. Hewe customizes such applications by adding a local touch by adapting them to local conditions and preexisting regulations, making them fit to our clients.

**Cloud Service Brokerage**
Cloud computing presents small and medium firms with tremendous opportunities to leverage world class hardware, software and other tools to improve their businesses. Hewe intends to support enterprises in selecting the right applications candidate for migration to cloud and also integrating cloud based applications with their existing business applications.

***IT Services***

**Management Information System for Micro Finances Institutions**
One of our areas of specialty is MicroFinance Institutions (MFIs) Management Information Systems. Though playing a crucial role in the country’s financial systems and being the most accessible way for the common man to get a loan or make his savings, MFIs have been neglected by the IT industry in the country. MFIs have limited choices in terms of Management Information Systems (MIS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and IT services they can rely on. Hewe aims at leveraging this lack of interest from the existing IT services providers and provides state of the art, proven and open source MIS to MFIs in Burundi first and aim at expanding it across the east African region later on. Customization and adaptation to the local realities of the MFI industry in Burundi is being done on the Mifos x platform to ensure its suitability and usability. Moreover, we are looking at integrating the platform with mobile payment solutions, a gaining popularity system for money remittance and transfer in the country.

**Mobile communication platform**
Leveraging high mobile penetration rate, we provide SMS based communication services to insurance companies, enabling them to reach out to their clients for any kind of communication needed to be conveyed. HeweSMS solution provides a friendly, easy to use web based application which allow our clients to send SMS notifications to their clients, grouping contacts, broadcast or multicast, checking balance, a comprehensive analysis of their account status, message sent logs and business analytics tools for visualizing the company activities.

Team Description

**Jean Pierre Gashami**
* Years of experience: 2 years
* Focus: Business development, company strategy, sales

**Auguste Niragira**
* Years of experience: 2 years
* Focus: Operations, technology

Industry Experience

Supporting Microfinance Institutions for financial inclusion: 2 years

Community History
We got on board with Mifos when one of our partners requested support after launching a microfinance institution in Burundi. After doing research, we realize that the sector is underserved […]
Ecosystem Objectives
Over the next three years, we plan to extend our Mifos X partners’ base to include more MFIs in Burundi. We initially target starting MFIs with no need for migration. Moreover, we intend to […]
Social Mission
Less than 20% of the Burundian adult population have access to financial services, it is just not acceptable. We have to do something about that!