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Kakha Kheladze
Georgia, Tbilisi, Melikishvili Ave. #12/201
Detailed Information

FINA LLC is a software development and consulting company established in 2006 in Georgia, although its history goes back about 13 years. FINA partners have worked together on software development and consulting area  as an “initiative group” since  1999;

FINA LLC is ISO 9001 certified Oracle Gold Partner. Company has two core technological beliefs: Agile development and Open Source technologies.  Company has three main area of expertise: (a) Business Intelligence & MIS;  (b) ERP/ CRM Solutions; (c)  Document and Workflow Management  systems. FINA has decided to use it’s experience of working in financial institutions of Africa and CIS (post soviet) countries with Mifos team and has already become a part of its community.

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Product/Solution Development on Mifos X platform (branded solutions)
Services & Solutions

FINA LLC is a software development and consulting company established in 2007, although its history goes back about 15 years. FINA partners have worked together on software development and consulting area as an “initiative group” from 1995. FINA has experience working with:
* International organizations: USAID, IMF, GIZ (GTZ),
* US/EU companies: “BankWorld Inc”, “Chemonics”, “SETA Corporation”, “First Irish Finance”, “Bearing Point”, etc.
* Central and Commercial Banks, etc.

The core business line of the company is Open Source software development. Main product is MIS/BI for regulators with the same name “FINA” – this product was implemented in 13 countries : Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Nigeria, Congo (DRC) , Rwanda, etc.

Team Description

**TEAM**: FINA is proud of its team. We believe that people are the key for successful projects, for effective development services and more importantly, an ongoing relationship with the clients. FINA has a clear policy of employing only the very best in their field.

The permanent staff of FINA is about 15 full time employees. More than 90% of the staff are academic professionals, holding Master or Bachelor degrees and/or University diplomas in ITC, Software Development, Mathematics, Economics, Management, etc. The management team of FINA has grown significantly since the firm was founded and has attracted many young talents. Three most valuable features of the team are: professionalism, reliability and confidentiality. Very important National organizations are entrusting there business critical application development services to FINA.

* Kakhaber Kheladze – CEO
* Nick Gochiashvili – CTO
* Rati Barbaqadze – Head of Support
* George Mamaladze – Sales
* Mikheil Chelidze – tech.
* Baaka Tsutskhvashvili – tech.
* Tengiz Merabishvili – tech.
* Nika Chanturia – tech.
* Otar Iantbelidze – tech.

Industry Experience

FINA LLC has had more than 12 successful implementation of Banking & Insurance Supervision systems in various countries around the world including Nigeria, Mongolia, Azerbaijan and etc.

Community History
FINA LLC has been working with Mifos Team from 2011. FINA has managed to translate Mifos into several languages including Laos, Georgian, Mongolian and etc. Also FINA has designed Sites for […]
Ecosystem Objectives
At this moment we are participating in Google Summer of Code project with Mifos with one of our mentors and an intern student. This is the task list of FINA for this GSoC project: * Develo […]
Social Mission
Support Financial Organizations by providing Open Source (Free) Solution.