Digital Oasis Limited

Contact Information
Primary Contact
5221-00200 NAIROBI, Nairobi
Detailed Information
Number of Customers
Regions Served
Africa - East
Services Provided
Implementation Services
Platform Solution Services Provided
Product/Solution Development on Mifos X platform (branded solutions)
Services & Solutions

Sourcing for clients and deployment of Mifos X and training

Team Description

Humphrey Shamalla is an experienced programmer and Head of programming at the company.
Amos Ngare is the assistant Programmer and very good in PHP
Maggie Stacy is the new Administration Assistant.
Victor is a joomla website designer.
Moses is an award winning content development expert.
The other 3 are , an accountant, Driver and Personal Assistant to the MD.

Industry Experience

Yes, we have worked with several microfinance institutions such as Daraja Bank, Jitegemea Creit, KRep bank, Indo Africa, Mindset Africa to name but a few.

Community History
We are quite new, we joined the team mid 2015 because we believe that this is the best financial platform that many village banks, institutions etc need to move to the next level.
Ecosystem Objectives
We really wish to add a lot value in making the brand known and companies adopting the platform as their financial system of choice.
Social Mission
We wish to change the lives of Kenyans and East Africans by empowering them using this powerful financial tool, MIFOSX