Star Contributor of the Month – Victor Romero

We are pleased to recognize Victor Romero as the Mifos Star Contributor in this July 2023 edition of Star Contributor of the Month. Victor has been a long-time member of the Mifos community, serving in many different roles throughout the years such as being a mentor for Google Summer of Code and Apache Fineract committer, and we are thankful to him for his tireless efforts to help create a world of 3 billion Maries. We appreciate the hard work and passion that Victor brings to our community, and we are excited to see what he has in store for the future. Words can’t capture how valuable Victor has been to the community – he embodies what an active contributor should do as he never hesitates to share his knowledge or make his skills available to assist the community. While not all of his contributions are publicly visible, I can’t count the numerous calls or meetings Victor has joined to share requirements, guide an intern or spearhead a project. No matter the ask, Victor always steps up to help the community and with any project or successful milestone he or his team has, he’s ready to share those lessons learned.

Victor Romero – Mexico City, Mexico

Brief Bio:

Hailing from Mexico City, Victor Romero is a seasoned Information Technology expert with a passion for Financial Services. Armed with a Bachelor’s  and Master’s Degree in Computer Science from the esteemed National Polytechnic Institute, Victor has spent over two decades honing his skills and making significant contributions to the Fintech industry. As the co-founder of Fintechando, a company specializing in digital solutions based on the Mifos and Fineract Ecosystem, he has been at the forefront of aligning Open Source Technologies with regulatory requirements, fostering a harmonious blend of innovation and compliance.

Throughout his journey in the financial technology sector, Victor has mastered the art of implementing APIs that not only enhance the customer experience but also safeguard sensitive financial transaction data. Leveraging Mifos X and Mifos Payment Hub Enterprise Edition, he has skillfully addressed the unique needs of banking and fintech clients, devising innovative solutions using open source core banking APIs.

Impact on Financial Inclusion and Experience with Mifos:

Victor was introduced to Mifos during a market research project for a Financial Framework required by a Money Wallet project in Mexico. Since then, he has made significant contributions to the Mifos community, including the development of the Pentaho Plugin for Fineract 1.8 version and the Mobile Banking framework (Ionic version). Presently, he is dedicated to implementing Mexican Federal Government fintech projects, aimed at promoting social mobility through the public policy “First the poor”.

When asked what he found rewarding about working with Mifos, Victor’s response was clear. He enjoys the opportunity to act as a catalyst for the enrichment of global knowledge, and he wishes to continue implementing top-notch solutions for both public and private institutions in Mexico.

Advice to the Mifos Community:

Make the change one line of the code at a time. Embrace the spirit of collaboration, seek help when needed, and give back by sharing your knowledge.

Fun Facts About Victor:

Victor’s favorite foods include Mexican enchiladas verdes and pozole. When asked what interesting fact he would like to share with the community, Victor said, “Mexico is the best place for living and vacationing”. One day however, he would like to take a vacation up north to see the Northern Lights. Victor likes to visit different places and learn about the cultures around the world and was his motivation to learn English, Italian and German

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