Star Contributor of the Month – Lukasz Chudy

For the month of January 2012, we’re showcasing Lukasz Chudy, one of the many Lukasz’ at SolDevelo. Lukasz has stepped up to lead QA in the community during the recent transition of Mifos. You can find Lukasz on JIRA helping to orchestrate many a smooth release and strengthening the quality of Mifos so it MFIs can better serve the poor. 

Keith Pierce

Each month we honor one of our top volunteer contributors from around the world. With all the transition going on with Mifos and the community, our Star Contributor recognition has been on a slight hiatus. It’s now back and we’ll be recognizing a volunteer each month. Keep contributing so we can shine the spotlight on you!

The recognition we’re giving to Lukasz is long overdue.  Lukasz has been contributing to QA for Mifos more than a year now but has greatly increased his contributions as SolDevelo has taken over release management for Mifos.  He’s now helping to lead QA and performance testing for each release. He’s also been an instrumental part of the community’s shift towards a user-driven requirements gathering process, consolidating all the feature requests to date in one centralized JIRA dashboard. It’s easy to find Lukasz on the mailing list and you’ll see his name popping up all over JIRA. Lukasz has now also started to assist with marketing and outreach for the community looking for more ways to promote our software.

Discover more about Lukasz below!

Lukasz Chudy – Gdynia, Poland

Brief Bio (in the words of Lukasz): I’m a graduate of two Degree Courses of the University of Gdańsk Faculty Management in Specializations: Computer Science and Marketing. I’ve started my professional job experience with the Asseco Poland company where I was responsibe for creating composite applications in Java programming language and preparing documentations. After that I was hired by SolDevelo as a QA Engineer and started my journey with Mifos.

Relevant Skills: Software Quality, Java, SQL, Black-box testing, writing Test Cases, Release testing.

Lukasz’ Impact:

Discovering Mifos: When I started thinking about Quality Assurance, I was looking for the international project with the wide community. I found Mifos and it helps me to improve my QA skills.

Contributions Made to Date: Verified a large number of Jira issues, created lots of test cases, reduced the number of automated tests, performed release testing of many Mifos releases, removed outdated Jira issues

Current Projects: Actually, I am trying to improve the general quality of the Mifos application by conducting manual verifications and sanity tests

Impact on the Poor: I hope that if Mifos has better quality then it fights better the poverty.

What’s Rewarding about Working on Mifos:

“It is a real pleasure to have the opportunity to improve the quality of software which is improving the people’s lives.”

Advice for Others in Mifos Community:

“Testing Mifos to see if it does not do what it is supposed to do is only half the battle; the other half is seeing whether it does what it is not supposed to do.”

Fun Facts about Lukasz:

Favorite Food: Polish, Mexican

Favorite Open Source Project: Android

If Lukasz Could Travel to One Place in the World: Tasmania Island in Australia

Interesting fact about Lukasz:  I always start my working day with the feeling that a day without finding a bug is a wasted day.