SolDevelo: Nimble Java Ninjas Fighting Poverty from Poland

soldevelo_1200We want to take the chance to highlight one of the top contributors to our community, SolDevelo, based in Gdynia, Poland. They are a telling example that no matter where you are located in the world, you can play your part towards creating a world of 3 Billion Maries.

Finding talented Java developers is always a challenge, especially given the complex business requirements that Mifos supports. Yet our team is always impressed that whatever project we send to SolDevelo, they quickly and thoroughly deliver a solution of superb quality.  Their nimble team is always up to the challenge, ready and willing to work on new features, fixing bugs, building reports, quality assurance – whatever our users need for a better product. Many thanks to Jakub for writing this post to highlight his team and the work they’ve done on the Mifos project.

SolDevelo – Who They Are

SolDevelo Sp. z o.o. has been working closely with the Mifos team for more than a year. During this time they implemented new features to both the Mifos and Mifos BI platforms, provided quality assurance services and greatly improved stability of the product.

SolDevelo Sp. z o.o. (located in Gdynia, Poland) is a dynamic software development and information technology outsourcing company, focused on delivering high quality software and innovative solutions. They are specializing themselves in the Java/JEE platform, but also have experience in mobile solutions and other languages.

What They’ve Done

Their first contributions to Mifos were done at the end of 2009, resulting in the honoring of Jakub Sławiński with a Star Contributor of the Month title in January 2010. After this date they put a lot of effort towards fixing bugs and implementing improvements raised by the Mifos users. They were working not only on the issues related to new Mifos functionalities (like M-PESA, Question Groups and FTL frontend), but also added completely new features (like Quartz/Spring Batch integration, Early Repayment of Fees and M-PESA Loan Disbursals). Moreover, they implemented an automated framework to generate PPI Question Groups definitions and successfully completed Automated Regression Testing project, which included rewriting/adding hundreds of test cases/acceptance tests. They also put a significant amount of work to the Mifos BI platform, including adding completely new reports and implementing a set of automated tests to increase the quality of this solution. During most of this time they were providing quality assurance support, which allowed to strengthen the core Mifos and Mifos BI platforms.

SolDevelo Sp. z o.o. team that worked in projects related to Mifos:

  • Rafał Lewandowski (Quartz/Spring Batch integration, Mifos BI)
  • Marcin Modrzejewski (Automated Regression Testing)
  • Jakub Sławiński (bugfixing, team management)
  • Łukasz Chudy (Quality Assurance, Automated Regression Testing)
  • Piotr Bogacz (M-PESA Loan Disbursals, Automated Regression Testing,bugfixing)
  • Łukasz Domżalski (Automated Regression Testing, bugfixing)
  • Adam Balcerzak (Quartz/Spring Batch integration, Question Groups, Mifos BI)

Not Pictured:

  • Patryk Dereszewski (Automated Regression Testing)
  • Paweł Fryca (Automated Regression Testing)
  • Wojciech Marchaj (Quality Assurance)
  • Michał Orzechowski (bugfixing, UI conversion to FTL)
  • Artur Siekielski (M-PESA, M-PESA Loan Disbursals, Early Repayment of Fees, PPI)