Mifos 2.1.5 Released

This past week, we released the latest hotfix, Mifos 2.1.5. This hotfix includes the following fixes and enhancements:

  • Changes to mandatory savings amounts are now accurately reflected in the UI and appear correctly in the collection sheet report
  • Issues/withdrawals amount is now displaying correctly in the collection sheet entry pipeline
  • Improvements to Question Group query to improve loading speeds of center, group, and client pages
  • Improvements to the batch job that generates meetings for savings
  • Ensuring that removed fees no longer show on the ‘Review installments’ and ‘Preview Loan account information’ pages
  • Fixed for collection sheet error: “The amount specified for <Loan product> of customer <customer name> is invalid. Please specify valid amount.”

MFIs on the latest codebase should upgrade to this new version. Please view the release notes for a full list of issues fixed. Follow the upgrade instructions for a smooth upgrade.

Mifos 2.2 Testing

The community will soon be moving Mifos 2.2 from release candidate to production release status. MFIs or Specialists interested in upgrading to Mifos 2.2 and assisting with testing should post to the mifos users mailing list.

Mifos 2.2 contains significant new enhancements to the loans module. Mifos now allows clients to have loans with multiple frequencies (i.e. a client can have both a weekly and monthly loan).  In addition the workflow and userface for Create Loan and Redo loans have been improved. Another nice enhancement is our customized text feature, on the fly you can swap out any label with new text (for example, you could switch “Clients” to “Members” throughout the entire user interface).

This release is stable and ready for production but included some new changes to the upgrade process – please ask for help on the mailing list if you need assistance upgrading.