Mifos Platform for Financial Inclusion.


mLite – First Community-Built App on the Mifos X Platform

During our previous user meetup on June 27, Cameron and Sander from Musoni BV demonstrated mLite, the first application built by a community member on top of the Mifos X platform.

Having launched the world’s first “cashless” microfinance institution at Musoni Kenya, they were looking to scale and replicate that innovative process model worldwide. Having chosen the Mifos X platform as the foundation for their MIS, they built a front-end PHP-based web interface with dashboards, custom reporting, a custom user interfaced and carefully streamlined workflows.  It’s been a pleasure to work with the team at Musoni; as winners of the Global Microfinance Achievement Award for Most Innovative Use of Technology in 2011, their input and contributiosn will help push the horizon of innovation on Mifos X.

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Google Summer of Code 2013 – End Poverty. One Line of Code at a Time

gsoc-2013This summer you’ll have the ability to change lives – three billion of them – one line of code at a time.The Community for Open Source Microfinance (COSM) and it’s Mifos X project will be participating in Google Summer of Code for the third time. Mifos X is an open source technology platform for enabling financial inclusion to the poor. Google Summer of Code is a global program sponsored by Google that offers students stipends to write code for open source projects.  Students accepted to the program will spend their summers coding from June 17 to September 23rd and upon successful evaluation receive a $5000 stipend provided by Google. For full details on GSoC, read the FAQ and browse the program timeline – student applications open April 22! You can apply from our organization page.

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Optimizing UX for Mifos X – Deanna “Takes 3” to Join our Community

Deanna_smallOne of the hallmarks of the current Mifos product is its simple and familiar browser-based user interface. As we launch our new Mifos X platform, we want to retain the essence of this user-friendly UI while injecting a modern refresh into the design of the platform.  As a platform, we aim to have one consistent user experience with products and applications that are as usable and accessible to our global community as Mifos has been.

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Mifos X – The Next Generation

Fresh off the recent Margaret H release, we’ve published the product roadmap for 2012. SolDevelo will be leading the community as it develops new functionality and extends the reporting and accounting capabilities for the upcoming year.  With current development plans squared away, I wanted to share with you what’s in store for the future. Our vision for Mifos is to be the operational platform to deliver financial services to the poor – whatever your methodology, however you reach your clients, we want to be the lightweight technology powering your outreach.

 I sat down with the leads for our community architecture team, Keith and John Woodlock, to discuss with them the Mifos X project, the long-term development initiative that will provide the community a revamped platform for scale and extensibility.

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