Star Contributor of the Month – Steve Conrad

We are recognizing Steve Conrad, a full-stack developer at Dassault Systems in Minnesota, as our newest Mifos Star Contributor. Steve only came to our community in early January of this year but in that short time has become an anchor of the community and been adding vital support to the Fineract platform when we need it the most. He fixed a number of critical bugs in the most recent release, made Fineract compatible with MySQL 5.7 and is now leading efforts to integrate the Payment Gateway project into Fineract and build a lab environment integrating Fineract with Mojaloop. Steve’s passion and commitment to poverty alleviation along with his deep expertise has been on full display. He’s one of those transformative volunteers that can have a tremendous impact on our project and we look forward to his leadership in the community as a recently added Apache Fineract committer.

Steve Conrad – Minneapolis, MN USA

Brief Bio (in the words of Steve):

I’m a senior full-stack developer, working primarily in Java and Javascript. I currently work for Dassault Systemes ( working on 3D modeling applications for large manufacturing companies. I develop factory floor applications for companies like Boeing, Ford, and Pratt&Whitney. I’ve also spent lots of time in sub-Saharan Africa (DRC, Uganda, Rwanda) and have done teaching and training for software developers in that part of the world. I love working on projects that help empower people.

Relevant Skills & O.S. Experience: I’ve done a lot of work with enterprise web application development (both Java and .NET). I love working with full-stack Javascript (Node, Express, and React/Angular).

Steve’s Impact:

Discovering Mifos:

I was working on a pilot project with American Refugee Committee on financial tools that could be used in refugee camps. I discovered Mifos/Fineract through a conversation with Musoni.

Contributions Made to Date: 

I’ve done some general bug fixes and also updated Fineract to be compatible with MySQL 5.7.

Current Projects: 

I am currently working on the payment gateway project, hoping to bring that to a point where we can fully integrate it into Fineract. I am also working to integrate Fineract with Mojaloop using the payment gateway.

Impact on the Poor: 

I’ve worked with several different organizations in Eastern Congo, where we worked to create jobs for people – from coffee farming to sewing and textiles to helping to train people in web development.

What’s Rewarding about Working on Mifos:

I love connecting and working with people from around the world who are all committed to creating opportunities for people.

Top Piece of Advice for Others in the Mifos Community:

 There’s lots of good documentation to help you get started – make sure your read that! And then, just dive in. And if you’re stuck, ask. There are lots of good people involved with this project who are ready to help.

Fun Facts about Steve

Favorite Food: Pad Thai

Favorite Open Source Project: After Mifos/Fineract, of course – DHIS2 is doing some really cool work in the global health space.

If Steve Could Travel to One Place in the World: I’d love to go back to Ngorongoro crater in Tanzania.

Interesting fact/tidbit about yourself you’d like to share:

I have 3 kids – ages 6, 7, and 8. Our middle child was adopted from Congo 5 years ago.

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