Sources of Funds


Funds are donations or grants provided to the MFI specified purpose. Such funds remain even when the specified purpose is achieved and accomplished since they would be accounted for as sources of funding which remain in equity.

Fund Creation

Sources of funds can be managed (created and modified) at the HO and other offices will inherit the details of these funds.

Attributes for Funds

Sl. No. Name Data Type Default Range Mandatory for Fund creation Can be modified after creation Description
1. Fund Name Text None N/A Yes Yes It should be a unique value in the system
2. GL Code Drop-down, Single select None fund Codes for funds from CoA Yes No  

The defined funds will be associated with loan products through loan product definition. When a new fund is created or an existing fund is modified, the additions/modifications should be reflected in the list of funds in each loan product.

Default Source of Funds

Mifos is shipped with the following source of funds:

1. Project/donor: for funds  
00 Non Donor
01 Funding Org A
02 Funding Org B
03 Funding Org C
04 Funding Org D 
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