Built-in Standard Reports

Standard Reports in Mifos

The overall reporting and business intelligence solution for Mifos has been transitioned from BIRT to Pentaho. Until the transition is complete, standard reports will be accessed in two different manners via Mifos. 


  • Embedded Reports (BIRT): Mifos contains 5 standard reports which are directly accessible via the Reports Tab.  See BIRT Reports in Mifos for an overview of these. 
  • Mifos Business Intelligence Suite Reports (Pentaho): Mifos Business Intelligence Suite contains an additional 20 standard reports built in Pentaho.  To view these reports, you must install Mifos Business Intelligence Suite for either Windows or Linux. You can then access any of the reports via a web browser. Please visit the Mifos Business Intelligence Suite page to download it, view  samples of each report, access installation documentation, and more.  

Mifos BI reports have not been directly embedded into the Mifos UI yet; they currently must be accessed by logging into Pentaho via a separate window/tab in your internet browser.  We are working on a smoother more integrated user experience for accessing the Mifos BI reports built in Pentaho.  The explanation below regarding built-in Mifos report templates only applies to the limited number of embedded reports still written in BIRT. 


Built-in Mifos Report Templates 

While our overall reporting tool has been replaced by Pentaho, a number of standard reports are still BIRT-based. This explanation is relevant to those reports but will not be used for any reports going forward. Users can use the embedded BIRT report templates as is, they can edit templates to suit their own needs by changing the layout or adding/removing fields, or they can build their own reports. Report templates are grouped into categories that can be defined and edited by users with the appropriate permissions. A user can attach permissions to a report to specify who can view, edit, and categorize the report.

Generate a report. A user generates a report by selecting it from the Reports tab. The data included in the report is based on the user’s data scope and the parameters entered when generating the report. The report is displayed in PDF format, which can be downloaded. Accessing and using these reports does not require that BIRT (Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools) be installed. More information regarding the generation of each built-in Mifos report is provided later in this section.

Edit a report category. Mifos ships with a standard set of report categories that are used to organize report templates. These can be viewed, edited, deleted, and added to from the Admin tab. Report templates are assigned to categories and displayed under these categories on the Report tab.

Customizing Built-in Reports

MFIs can customize reports that ship with Mifos in the following ways:

  • Add/remove data fields displayed on reports
  • Add permanent field-level filters to the reports. For example, exclude a particular loan product from all loan portfolio calculations
  • Add filters to an existing field. For example, for a data field that displays the total outstanding loan amount, an MFI can add a filter so that the field displays the total outstanding loan amount for women clients. Users can also use custom fields as a way to filter information in a report.
  • Change the report layout by, for example, switching from a horizontal to vertical orientation or adding organizational logos or changing the report title.
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