Information concerning the CrossTalk tool for accounting integration with Tally

CrossTalk is a GUI tool that assists accounting integration with Mifos by exporting data in the format your accounting package will be happy with.

Work on CrossTalk was begun in August, 2009

Current information concerning CrossTalk:

Community Proof of Concepts

Examples of semi-automated integrations of Mifos with accounting softwares

Have you integrated your accounting package with Mifos? Want to share what you did with the community?  Please upload files for your accounting integration here and add a brief description by copying, pasting and following the sample format at the bottom of the page. 

Customer Accounting Systems

Listing of accounting software used by Mifos customers

What accounting system are you using? Please let us know in the comments section below.  Please list the name of your MFI, country, clients served, and current system:



Accounting Integration

Overview of approach to integrating your accounting package with Mifos

Mifos provides provides the flexibility  to provide integration between portfolio and transaction management across your MIS and accounting systems.  By providing full support for the general ledger, a fully customizable chart of accounts, and a transactional export mechanism in multiple formats, all financial and accounting data can be exported into your accounting system sychronizing the data between the two.

Deployment Stage 2: Operational Review and Mifos Configuration

Goal Update MFI’s process and procedures to integrate with Mifos and setup Mifos to reflect MFI’s operations.
Time 4 to 8 weeks depending on size of MFI and depth of products and services offered.
Staffing Business Analyst, Application Expert
Pre-Requisites Complete Assessment and Planning
  • Run Mifos orientation for key MFI stakeholders that will be involved with deployment
  • Conduct IT and Infrastructure review.  Identify hardware, software, connectivity and infrastructure gaps.
  • Review, update, and document MFI’s operational processes and procedures to align with Mifos.
  • Configure Mifos to match findings from operational review
  • Set up your chart of accounts in Mifos and configure financial account mappings. 

Mifos Peachtree Accounting Proof of Concept

See video
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Pastel Accounting Interface - Jitegemea


Describes the export of transaction data from Mifos for import into the accounting software Pastel.

What is Pastel?

Pastel is an accounting software package popular in Africa and increasingly so in Europe.

Chart of Accounts


The Chart of Accounts (CoA) is a list of accounts in the general ledger, systematically classified by title and number. The account number is referred to as the GL code. The appropriate financial transactions are posted against these GL codes. Mifos provides a default CoA.  From Mifos 1.1 onwards, the CoA configuration is in XML.  This section in Configuring Mifos describes how to customize your own CoA.

See also: Microfinance Accounting Issues

All offices under the HO use the same CoA. The list of accounts is organized into the following general ledger categories:

  • Assets
  • Liabilities
  • Income
  • Expenditure

The Mifos CoA supports up to four levels of categories.


Mifos Configuration Guide

Mifos Configuration

The following topics are for system administrators and Mifos specialists configuring Mifos who are deploying Mifos.

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