Mifos Initiative Launches Mifos X Platform for Financial Inclusion

Free and Open Source Software for Financial Institutions Bringing Financial Services to the Poor in Developing Countries

SAN FRANCISCO, June 13, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The Mifos Initiative today launched its Mifos X Platform for Financial Inclusion. The Mifos X Platform is a free and open source core banking system for responsible financial services organizations bringing financial services to the 3 billion unbanked poor globally – the proven method to lift the poor permanently out of poverty.

Developed and supported by a global ecosystem of volunteers, donors, and technology partners, Mifos X is used by microfinance institutions, credit cooperatives, and savings institutions in developing markets.

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Excitement is in the Air – 2012 Mifos Summit Recap

This past month, we concluded our first-ever global gathering of the Mifos community at our 2012 Mifos Summit in Bangalore, India. It was a huge success with 42 people in attendance from a dozen countries including 11 Specialists,  20 microfinance practitioners, and 11 contributors and strategic partners. I was thrilled to meet community members new and old for the first time and to finally put faces to all the names/voices behind the Skype calls. I was proud to see all the interactions and camaraderie that was shared throughout the grounds of the venue in Bangalore.

First off we want to graciously thank Paul Maritz for proposing and funding the summit; without him none of it would have been possible. A big thank you as well to Cat Allman and Google’s Open Source Programs office who pitched in last minute support to allow us to offer travel scholarships to several more individuals flying in from Africa. Please also extend your gratitude to Suresh, Arun, Praveen, and Rao from Grameen Koota for hosting the summit and conducting site visits along with Nirantara. Finally, a huge thank you to Vishwas, Nayan, and Ashok from Conflux Technologies who went out of their way to ensure smooth logistics and coordinate activities on the ground in Bangalore.

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